Virtual Selling Skills 

Learn How to Sell Online

No.1 Challenge of Business today is - How to Sell Virtually? 

NLP gives you tools and techniques to Sell Virtually. Our Sales Training is completely practical, designed for your products that impacts the subconscious mind, and you meet targets. [period] 

NLP has full virtual sales program series for all stages of Sales Cycle and Sales Management.

You will - 

 Increase Conversion,

Grow Strategic Accounts, 

Improve Sales Margins and

You Achieve Your Budget. 

Virtual Sales Success

The world of sales as we know it has changed forever.

There are major differences between face-to-face and virtual selling, and your sales team needs a different set of skills and a new sales approach to succeed in a virtual environment.

At NLP, we have a complete virtual selling programs across all stages of the sales process from filling the pipeline and leading virtual sales conversations to growing accounts and managing sellers virtually.

We take a modular approach to our virtual selling programs and tailor them to develop the skills your sellers and managers need to succeed in a virtual environment.

Virtual Selling Workshops

NLP has solid tools that enable salespeople to achieve their sales targets.

The following workhsops are key to virtual selling: 

  • Fill the Pipeline and Prospect Virtually
  • Build Rapport and Develop Relationships Virtually
  • NLP Sales Coaching for Online Selling 
  • Transition From Face-to-Face to Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling Essentials

Virtual Selling workshops cover the essential skills you need to sell your products and services using virtual technology. Your sales team will:

  • Appreciate the differences among face-to-face and online or virtual selling
  • Adopt the virtual technologies and tools that boost buyer engagement
  • Develop yourself to be of interest to buyers in this digital world
  • Take the lead in exceptional virtual sales meetings and build conversations
  • Learn to influence during the virtual selling environment and use technology like a pro
  • Conquer common online selling challenges and avoid mistakes
  • Know the factors that most affect buyers in the digital world
  • Master required Neuro Linguistic Programming skills for virtual meeting platform. 

Sales Results

This is as true in present era as it was hundreds of years ago. Sales professional who can develop and implement a strategy to win sales openings of all sizes—from the daily to the special most important deals, they win consistently more business.
In Winning Major Sales, your teams will learn a thorough, methodical, and repeatable process for establishing successful sales approaches, plus your sales team will learn a rigorous opportunity design tool.
At NLP we take a modular approach to sales development and build workshops for the types of business situations your team face, whether it be mainly virtual retailing or winning business to business sales Virtually or face-to-face.

Millions of salespeople and managers across the world are taking advantage of Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques.

We offer high impact sales programs across different roles like Salesmen, Sales Managers, Sales Coaches and Sales Directors. The programs differ depending on their level in the organisation.

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We will get back to you with a specific program for your industry.  Our offer will help you multiply your sales and get you guaranteed success.

Industries We Serve

NLP is contributing to business growth in various sectors in addition to coaching people for effectiveness and success.

Industries we serve are Banks, Insurance, Micro Finance Banks, FMCG, Consumer Packaged Goods, Telecom, Software, Technology, IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Industrial.

Sales Training Designed to Win With Every Buyer, Every Time.

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  • In conclusion, our sales training programs are flexible in meeting your needs because we design and deliver content for the subconscious mind. We have found that the most successful training programs appeal to the intuitive mind and generate permanent results.
  • We at NLP execute training through a blended approach combining Neuro Linguistic techniques, Your Industry Knowhow with our top-notch instructor-led methodology.
  • To sum up, we are passionate about training salesmen and sales managers. In other words growing people and companies inspire us.

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