Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery with NLP

‘Personal Mastery with NLP’ workshop is about creating what you want in life by acquiring deep self-knowledge and learning how to take charge of your emotional states. It’s about changing the pattern of holding others accountable for your problems, instead creating a pattern of taking actions and responsibility for your actions. As a result of Personal Mastery your thoughts, feelings and actions will get aligned and you will notice a positive change in your behaviour at work and in life.

You should seriously consider this workshop if:

  • You have a business and are looking for new insights, resources and affiliations to take it to a new level quickly…
  • You want to get promotion or change career… you know what you would love to do but aren’t sure how to navigate to where you want to go without losing what you’ve worked so hard for…
  • You’re ready to make a huge leap in your life… you want your dream home, a big job advancement, or a seven-figure income.

Speakers in Last Workshop

Rajiv Sharma,

Public Speaker, NLP Trainer & Leadership Coach;

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji

CEO, RISE Networks, Entrepreneur, Author and Thought Leader

Sound Sultan

Rapper, Singer, Basketball Team Owner

Adebola Idowu

Manager, F.C. WAMCO, Founder and Coach Goal Digger.

Program Outline:


  • The Ultimate Challenge
  • The Power of Limitless Living
  • Excelling with the Program and Igniting Your Life

MODULE 2: Achieving Mastery of the Mind, Body and Character

  • Your Commitment to Mastery: Kaizen
  • The Nature of the Mind: The Ultimate Superpower.
  • Discipline and Willpower: The Golden Keys
  • The Magic of Goals: Your Visions of Excellence

MODULE 3: Your Body: Achieving Physical Mastery

  • The Power of Exercise: Your Fountain of Youth
  • The Magic of Diet: Eating Your Way to Excellence
  • The Five Ancient Secrets of the East for Longevity

MODULE 4: Your Character: Attaining Public Excellence and Private Victory

  • The Pleasures of Proactivity
  • You are Unstoppable: Momentum on the Path to Mastery
  • Developing a Mission Statement for Personal-Mastery
  • The 8 Keys to the Path of Mastery

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Workshop Fee: $200

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The fee includes, Personal Mastery Manual, Writing Material, Lunch, Tea, Snacks and Certificate of Participation.

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