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We specialize in Business Transformation, Leadership Development, Sales Trainings, Customer Service and Experience Workshops. 
With our 'MARK' (Mindset, Action, Repetition, Knowledge) framework, you evolve Mindset, take required Actions, develop powerful habits with Repetition and innovate New Knowledge.
Get ready to take your Business and Personal Reality to the next level.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Limited is one of  the best learning and development organizations because our programs get desired results and meet business objectives be it sales, leadership or customer service.  You develop Mind, Language and Behaviour skills for Success and Excellence. NLP is highly recommended for developing Management, Selling and Business expertise.
With MARK Model approach and methodology, our programs directly impact subconscious mind that will reprogram you to take actions consistently. We deliver on what works in Thinking, Communication, and Performance. You will undoubtedly achieve extraordinary results and excellence with MARK skills. Learn more about MARK framework - www.MARKModel.com 

If our brains are like computers, then our thoughts and actions are like our software programs. If we could change our mental models, just as we do when we change or upgrade software, we’d immediately get a positive change in our performance. We’d get immediate improvements in how we think, feel, act and live.


An analogy of computer software upgrade sounds easy, but you understand that change in humans is sometimes the most challenging thing. No matter how much we want, wish, or hope people won’t upgrade their software. Neither will getting angry or entering the same old instructions over and over again get your desired results.

With NLP methodology, you will learn to decode and reproduce excellence that will enable you to achieve your goals consistently. 

Because of MARK (Mindset, Action, Repetition, Knowledge) framework, our content design and training delivery impacts the subconcious mind and gets desired results.

We at NLP train to align senses effectively to create a better judgment (6th sense) about situations and people. More significantly generate a response that gets you what you want in life, at work, in business and relationships.

Do you want to create a better life?

If your response is affirmative, then NLP Programs are for you. After NLP certification, there will be the beginning of a new and more refined journey to:

  • See yourself and others more clearly. That is to say; you will understand different perspectives of people. This skill will help you in leadership, managing teams, selling, serving customers better. 
  • Reframe for effectiveness and success. Therefore, you will begin to see failure as feedback. Above all, you will create a growth mindset. With reframing you will learn to transform setbacks and challenging situations into stepping stones. 
  • Learn excellence and proactive approaches to respond. As a result, you will be more effective in your communication and will influence people to do what you want. We teach you NLP Listening & Communication techniques. 
  • Build more productive and long-lasting relationships. For instance, in the workplace you will develop an excellent rapport with your managers, bosses and in life, you will enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Relationship building is number one skill for leaders, sales people, managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Leverage your strengths for excellence and evolve to the next desired level. Firstly, you will develop a profound self-understanding. Secondly, you get more in-depth insight into your goals. Furthermore, you will learn to break your goals into actionable steps for excellent execution.
  • You will learn to translate your ideas to actions, achieve results and create extraordinary experiences. It may look easy, however it isn’t, as the most challenging thing with human behaviour is change. And this is where NLP transforms your life inside out.
  • Organizations evolve to next level when their people have New Mindset, take requried Actions,  develop habits with Repetition and innovate New Knowledge. Companies achive business targets and as an individual you create more wealth, better health, relationships and drive happiness in your life.

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with your specific requirements, our team will get back to you.  NLP programs are most suitable for corporates like Banks, Insurance, Telecoms, FMCG, Manaufacturing, IT and Servicer sector. 

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Insights and Expertise from The World’s Best

  • You’ll learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming elite methods and the gifted tools in a practical way.
  • You’ll practice excellence along with the world’s most talented coaches and leaders.
  • You’ll become the best version of yourself because you’ll learn the neuroscience principles from Master Trainers.

Our NLP Practitioner Training is accepted world-wide as it is Licensed from The Society of NLP, USA. You will be certified by Dr Richard Bandler, the man who co-created NLP in 1970.

NLP certification fee at international level is around $3,000/=. However, we in Nigeria provide the same certification from the International Trainers at highly subsidised fee because our objective is to promote and build NLP community in Africa.

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