Why do Customers Opt-out Of Your HMO?

You can retain your current enrollees with good services, and attract new enrollees.Have you ever thought about why your customers opt out of your HMO? Are you seeking ways of making each customer’s touchpoint a wonderful experience? A great chef opens an exotic non-vegetarian restaurant in the heart of a buoyant city where 80% of […]

Drive Your Team Towards Delivering Excellent Customer Service Consistently

Are you looking to build passion for excellent customer service delivery in your team? Have you been worried that your team is not delivering consistent customer service to your esteemed customers? Every human being has filters installed in them, some gotten from birth or the environment they grew up in, some by the education they […]

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace

How often at our workplace do we stop to feel or manage our emotions? The majority of people will respond “rarely.” For several reasons, we go through our work routines without being mindful of our feelings; they come and go, not the way we wish them to. Checking our sentiments and asking ourselves why we feel […]

Developing a Top-Notch Sales Leader

Sales Manager training is an indispensable ingredient of business management and still, it’s the most ignored. Sales managers are responsible for developing and executing sales strategies. We all know that salespeople sell. But why some salespeople sell more than others. Some people are more motivated than others, and they develop better selling skills and product […]

How to Build Great Teams

The company’s most vital project of the year somehow defaulted to you. Because you knew it was so important, you assembled a crack team of your top performers to get the job done. With great expectations, you gave them a timeline and turned them loose to do what they do best. A week later you […]