Leadership Workshops

We train leaders and managers on Proactive Mind Skills.

Management and Leadership Trainings

We train leaders and managers on Proactive Mind Skills. Whether you are looking to prepare front line of leaders to a management position – or a C-level executive – it’s critical that you set them up for success by providing them with the necessary leadership training programs. Your managers can’t afford to rest on past laurels. 

Strong leaders and managers make all the difference in the corporate world. They are the captains of their ships and accountable for reaching their business targets. 

NLP has the best leadership programs that will help your organization to develop and improve the essential skills needed for middle and top management to be truly effective. Our leadership trainings are delivered to program the mind of a manager as a proactive leader.

Pillars of our training programs:

  • Impacting the Mind of a Leader

NLP has 18 core leadership topics that are delivered to shape up the mind of a leader. You choose the topics according to the need of your organization. Our flexible design and delivery methodology will give you control over timing, frequency, and spacing of sessions.

  • Continued Effectiveness

NLP program includes a number of tools that impact the subconscious mind and sustain learning beyond the classroom. We reinforce learning through between-session, structured activities that encourage productive dialogue between front line leaders and their teams.

  • International Content That Delivers

Our faculty takes leverage of practical and easy to master tools and models of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to complement our training process. We continually improve and expand our library of activities and information to deliver current, relevant content.

  • Measurable Impact

You can be assured of Improved Effectiveness, Reduced Conflict and Employee Complaints, Enhanced Team Morale and Leader Confidence and Competence, Improved Leader-Employee Relationships, Effective Coaching, Increase in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Popular Leadership & Management Modules:

  • Role of the Leader
  • Managing from Within
  • Managing Different Personalities
  • Getting Commitment to Action
  • Coaching for Legendary Performance
  • Motivating and Engaging
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • The Master Listener
  • Voice of a Leader
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Business Acumen
  • Customer-Centric

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